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    Hercules Battlegrounds - PvP, WoE, GvG, & Battleground Releases - Hercules  Board
    Extended Battleground 3.0 it's a huge modification of the actual battlegrounds system.
    Contains a number of improvements and QoL which will make a very enjoyable experience for your players.


    • 8 unique game modes.
    • Rotative arena mode:  current arena changes every 2 mins or when a match is finished.
    • Extended joining system: players can enlist as solo, party or guild.
    • Job balance: teams are balanced equally depending on the jobs.
    • Double login prevention (supports gepard unique id).
    • Battleground & War of Emperium statistics.
    • Party skills working on team members.
    • BG & WoE Consumables only.
    • FluxCP Addon: displays bg & woe statistics in your fluxcp web.
    • Fully customizable: contains an extense number of configs.
    • Working in latest rAthena hash.

    Extended Check Equipment

    This system allows you to see a player's BG or WoE stats by checking their equipment.

    Improved graphics UI

    Improve the visual quality with small details




    Note: you can enable/disable player confirmation required through a config!


    In-game commands

    • @joinbg <0-2>: enlist to the battleground queue (0: solo 1: party 2: guild)
    • @guildskill <EC/RS/RG/BO>: performs a guild skill (usable in WoE maps too)
    • @guildskillinfo: check if the guild skills are available to cast or show the remaining cooldown.
    • @leader <player name>: transfer the team leader to another player.
    • @reportafk <player name>: kicks an AFK player from the arena.
    • @order <message>: shout a message to the team.
    • @listenbg: enable/disable the battleground's announces.
    • @bgrank: displays the Battleground's rank.
    • @woerank: displays the WoE's rank.
    • @bgstop: stops the current match (GM Command).
    • @bgsize <0-8>: changes the minimum required players from an arena or all arenas (GM Command).
    • @bghappyhour: enables/disables battleground's happy hour (GM Command).

    Available Arenas

    • Conquest
    • Capture the Flag
    • Stone Control
    • Team DeathMatch
    • Rush
    • Bossnia
    • Domination
    • Double Inferno


    Additional Information

    • rA GitHash: c6c9babb5e9491932c96edd2482fd627804c3853
    • Emulator: rAthena
    • Client required: +2015
    • No refunds after you acquire the product. It is your responsibility to make sure it works correctly on your emulator, hash or client date.
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